storing food for the Long term

Storing food for the long term may sound like a strange idea to some people, but if your are an experienced prepper, you will appreciate how important it is. If, you are just getting into prepping, you may wonder what the upsides are why should store food for the long term. There are several reasons, and most of them are quite easy to appreciate. Storing food long term is one of the fundamental concepts of prepping.



Planning ahead for a crisis

As a prepare, you have decided that you need to be aware that a crisis can hit at any time. Awareness is really important; we really don’t know what is around the corner. A man-made or natural disaster can happen at any time, and I have learned to be prepared. Most preppers do not experience any natural disasters. But you may say that I am fortunate. My family has experienced a few natural disasters, and we have learned the importance of planning ahead.


Food Crisis

One of the most important issues that you can plan ahead for is a food crisis. In my experience of natural disasters, I have learned that it is important to be able to store food for a longer duration. You never know how long the crisis is going to last, and I often find that I plan for a year ahead. Okay, most crisis that I have come up against have only lasted for a week, but my long term food storage has really helped.

I have been able to get on with my daily life and not had to worry about food. During what I call the “good times,” I focus on building up our long term food stocks. This means that I buy up food products like rice, and dried vegetables, and place them inside my storage containers. At the same time, it allows you to take advantage of special offers, or bulk buys. A lot of our food is bulk bought, so this means that storing food saves us money as well.


What food to store

Canning Food for Long Term

A lot of people ask me what type of food they should store. It is not as easy as that, and this is where planning ahead becomes, even more, important. Most people forget that they really need to consider how they are going to prepare their food. It is no good going out to buy a lot of flour if you don’t have an oven that you can bake bread in.

The best thing that you can do is to focus on food that you can easily prepare as fuel sources might be limited. Foods like dried rice, dried vegetables, and dried meats are good as they are quick to prepare. The main benefit of freeze dried food is that it retains its nutritional value. Nutrition and energy are what will keep you going and healthy in a crisis. By all means, if you have a bread oven, or know how to make flat bread, buy flour, otherwise don’t. Flour can easily attract mold and other parasites, so it is best to be careful.

Storing food long term is one of the essential concepts when it comes to prepping. Even more important is storing the food correctly using the best equipment available. Investing in the right equipment for food and water storage purposes should never be underestimated.